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AirFix Air Fresheners

AIR FIX specializes in air freshener that are used in daily life. Air Fix believes in developing eco-friendly products that are not only safe for the environment but also improves lives. Air Fix is passionate about quality of our products and strive to provide the best fragrance products to our customers. AIR FIX has 4 main variants - Car Gel Air Freshener, Room Gel Air Freshener, Organic Air Freshener & Paper Air Freshener and all come in exciting & relaxing fragrances.

Car Gel Air Freshener

Apple Orchard
Hawaiian Breeze
Lemon Spark
Warm Vanila

Organic Air Freshener

Ocean Breeze
Sweet Cherry
Sicilian Orange
Zesty Lemon

Paper Air Freshener

Fruity Blast
Ocean Breeze
Sweet Cherry
Zesty Lemon

Room Gel Air Freshener

Cool Lemon
Floral Dream
Orange Sugar
Sweetpea & Rose

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